Willcommen eBay.de | Bienvenue eBay.fr

We hope that German and French speaking bibliophiles will be pleased to learn that we have now added books from eBay.de and eBay.fr to our search results.  Of course, you will not have to be German or French to add these in your search results.  They will be available no matter what country you do your searching from.

We think this will make a significant addition to the already rich selection of continental European books that can be found using our site.  Over 9 million items from eBay.de have been added along with another 7 million from eBay.fr.  The listings on both eBays are updated frequently.

If you are among the many active users who record permanent wants and active keywords in our search manager then Libribot will soon be busy combing through all these fresh listings looking for things you might want.  If you have any French or German titles among your desiderata then this would be an excellent time to add them to your wants.

Fröhliches Jagen!   Bonne Chasse!